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Shared Goals and Best Practices

NWSE shares with your school a focus on positive educational outcomes and supports foreign language study. Our goals:
  • To work with American schools toward educationally valuable, academically successful and enjoyable cultural experiences
  • To select exchange students with the qualifications necessary to succeed academically and socially at their American schools
  • To encourage and select qualified American high school students for educational exchange programs for an academic term overseas.
  • To provide exchange students and host communities with opportunities to build positive relationships and learn about each other’s cultures, languages and life.
  • To allow exchange students to immerse themselves in American culture by participating actively in the daily life and activities of their host family, school, and community.
  • To comply with all school rules, policies and procedures.
NWSE carefully selects, prepares, and monitors students and host families:
  • Exchange student applications submitted to your school include: detailed academic transcripts, essays, teacher recommendations, a physical examination, medical history, immunization records, and other important information.
  • Each program candidate is interviewed in depth to assess their qualifications for the program.
  • NWSE routinely conducts a second round of interviews to better assess the students’ personality, level of English and other qualifications…
  • Students take the standardized English Language Test for International Students (ELTiS, unless exempted by NWSE). If a school requires the test for a student who was exempted, NWSE quickly arranges for the student to take the test. For more information about the ELTiS, please click here.
  • All students participate in a pre-departure orientation in their home country.
  • Upon program start, all students also take part in a post-arrival orientation.
  • All host families are screened, at a minimum, through a detailed application, a background check, an in-home interview with the family, and references. Additional screening procedures may be performed on a case-by-case basis.
  • A person other than the local Academic Coordinator double-checks the living conditions in the host family home.
  • All host families participate in a program orientation.
  • NWSE Academic Coordinators contact separately all exchange students and their host families at least once a month to help us monitor the students’ programs. They also contact schools at least twice per semester to keep track of the student’s academic performance and conduct at school.
  • NWSE also performs additional spot checks with students and host families to help ensure program success.
  • All NWSE exchange students arrive with health insurance that complies with program requirements.

“[NWSE’s] choices of school, the host family, and the coordinator were great! My exchange experience supported by NWSE was valuable and memorable. I would like to recommend NWSE as an…

Namiki from Japan

“What I like the best about America is the people…School is really different, very social and not so strict, I love it. How Americans celebrate the holidays has been very surprising…very different…I…

Vivien from Germany

“The greatest reward of my exchange was the relationship with my host families who would like to keep in touch and be a life time family.”

Juri from Japan

“I truly felt like a part of the family, whenever I had a problem they helped and we got really close. I could have tons of fun and talk to…

Marius from Germany
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